November 20, 2017
Effective immediately, Sempermed USA will be retiring our Best Touch® Vinyl powder-free exam gloves (reorder numbers BTVA101 – BTVA105). This decision was brought on by decreased nationwide demand.
October 16, 2017
Sempermed, one of the world's leading manufacturers and suppliers of hand protection, is pleased to introduce size xx-large in our SemperGuard® FoodSafe Stretch Poly general purpose glove. In order to better meet the demands of the Jan/San and Food Services markets, we increased the largest size option to size xx-large.
September 19, 2017
Sempermed USA has become part of the world wide SemperNet, as part of the on-going SUSA integration with the Semperit AG Holding organization. By now, you should have received an email invitation to join the group from Christian Kraut, under the email address of This was followed by an email from Sean Campbell advising us to keep the email and that instructions would be sent soon.
September 15, 2017
In late November, 2016, Sempermed became aware of an important manufacturing issue regarding the production and shipment of vinyl, which had a significant effect on many industries that utilize vinyl products.
August 11, 2017
Sempermed USA, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hand protection, is pleased to add new and improved SemperCare® Nitrile powder-free exam gloves to its expanding SemperCare® family, which already includes SemperCare® Latex and SemperCare® Vinyl.