October 14, 2016
Ocean Freight Industry Update
The global shipping industry, including Sempermed USA, has seen a delay in ocean freight shipments over the past 5 to 6 weeks.

Industry sources expect that the delays will cease by early November.

The reason for the delays is that last month one of the largest container shipping bankruptcies in history occurred. Hanjin, the world’s seventh largest container shipping company, filed for chapter 15 bankruptcy on September 2, 2016. The bankruptcy is having “a ripple effect throughout the global supply chain”.

This bankruptcy was filed during the traditional peak season, June through October, as retailers increase shipping volumes in order to meet holiday demand. Hanjin represented nearly 8% of the trans-Pacific trade volume for the US market.

Spot rates rose by approximately 50% after the announcement and carriers are looking to take advantage of the perceived reduced capacity causing vessel space difficult to secure.
This has caused U.S.-bound cargo to be delayed at the point of origin.

At Sempermed, we are monitoring the situation closely and will communicate further details as they become available.

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