December 6, 2016
Vinyl Glove Production Impact
Sempermed has recently become aware of an important manufacturing issue regarding the production and shipment of vinyl that will have a significant effect on the many industries that utilize vinyl products.

In an attempt to reduce pollution levels, the Chinese government announced on November 17th, 2016 that they have imposed a temporary production ban on several vinyl factories in the northern region of China. The statement declared that vinyl production will be halted for the remainder of 2016.

All vinyl producing factories in the Shijiazhuang area are impacted by the production halt. The shipping of all vinyl products, including vinyl gloves, may be delayed due to these recent environmental regulations. All suppliers of vinyl gloves are expected to be affected.

In addition to vinyl gloves, the suspension of factory production is having a heavy effect on several industries including pharmaceutical, cement, foundry, iron/steel, as well as the coal and electricity sector. Currently, there is an expectation of huge shortages of production output.

The situation could potentially cause an increase in the price of all vinyl products, including the vinyl gloves used in our industry.

According to Bloomberg, manufacturing is expected to resume in January 2017.

Sempermed is monitoring the situation closely and will communicate further details as they become available.