September 19, 2017
Welcome to the SemperNet
Sempermed USA has become part of the world wide SemperNet, as part of the on-going SUSA integration with the Semperit AG Holding organization. By now, you should have received an email invitation to join the group from Christian Kraut, under the email address of This was followed by an email from Sean Campbell advising us to keep the email and that instructions would be sent soon.

The SemperNet is a portal that allows access to information on a Semperit group- wide level. You can learn about Semperit as a whole, by Segment (Sempermed, Semperflex, Sempertrans, and Semperform), and by Corporate Center (Accounting, Communications, Human Resources, etc). Contained within the site is news, events, popular links by country and by segment. Each segment contains sub-segments. The site utilizes tiles and a navigation bar for easy access to all information.

The first benefit of our connection to the SemperNet is access to the news feed. This is where topical news is shared with all employees. Future integration will provide that all information currently housed on will be migrated to this portal. Once that occurs, we will no longer house information on
SUSA will have a local (US only) SharePoint site where information relevant only to our market is present. The intent will be to follow the structure of the Semperit public site. Contained within will be product information on all SUSA brand gloves, general certificates and information, private label and branded presentations and all communications relevant to SUSA.

Sempermed USA IT will contact each person directly to help with getting connected. All technical information and support will be provided by the Sempermed IT department soon following this SemperGram.

Upon gaining access to the site, you will see a tile at the bottom of the Home page, titled “How to use SEMPERnet.” Once you click on this tile, you can view a 4 minute video that provides overall information and shows how to navigate the portal.

In the upcoming months, a webinar will be scheduled for those wishing to have additional explanation for use of the portal.