March 1, 2018
Potential Shipment Delays
A recent regulation in the trucking industry is causing considerable delays in the transport of goods. The enforcement of ELDs, (Electronic Logging Devices), took place in December of 2017.

The Sempermed USA logistics department has received confirmation from our freight partners regarding the capacity issues. Delivery times are being rescheduled and capacity is tightening. The situation could lead to potential price increases for domestic freight.

ELD is electronic hardware that is attached to commercial motor vehicles engines to record driving hours. An ELD monitors a vehicle’s engine to capture data on whether the engine is running, if the vehicle is moving, how many miles have been driven, and the duration of engine operation.

The ELD mandate is intended to create a safer work environment for truck drivers and additionally make it easier to track truck driver’s records.

Under the new requirements, the number of hours and consecutive work days per driver are being restricted. This is having a measurable impact on trucker transit times and capacity, causing considerable delays in US truck shipments.

Sempermed USA is monitoring the situation closely and will communicate further details as they become available.