At Sempermed we know that little things can make a big difference. That’s why we’ve developed the innovative Smart Dispense Technology, Single Glove Delivery™ packaging method. Smart Dispense Technology, Single Glove Delivery™ provides key efficiencies for those in need to superior hand protection.
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nitrile exam products packed with smart dispense technology:
Starmed ultra nitrile pf starmed® ultra nitrile
  • 250 gloves/box (225 XL)
  • Reduced tackiness for easier donning
  • Comfortable fit and feel
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Tender touch nitrile tender touch® nitrile
  • 200 gloves/box (180 XL)
  • Excellent tactile sensitivity
  • Tested for use with chemotherapy drugs
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Best touch nitrile best touch® nitrile with aloe & e
  • 200 gloves per box (180 XL)
  • Aloe and vitamin E coating
  • Excellent barrier and chemical resistance
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What Users Are Saying About Smart Dispense Technology, Single Glove Delivery™

“They look excellent and after pulling many samples out they continue to look just as good as the previous.”
-Stephen A.
“My staff was very impressed with how the gloves were packaged. Each glove came out noticeably easier and individually, instead of the clumped together manner that our current Medline gloves come out. Also, there is less waste with this type of packaging. With our current gloves, the staff often reaches in the box for one glove and three fall out on the floor.”
-Susan R.
"I really like that the gloves are stacked perfectly in each box. Each glove dispenses individually and there is no wasted product."
-Susan H.
"I enjoy that the manufacturer takes the time to layer the gloves inside of each box."
-Sandy R.
"These are the best gloves I have ever worn! And the packaging is fantastic."
-Karly F.
"These gloves are much easier to dispense than other brands I have used in the past, I especially like that multiple gloves do not come out at a time. This completes the package for a superior product."
-Mike A.
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