January 19, 2017
Semperit and Sri Trang Sign an Agreement on the Demerger of the Joint Venture Siam Sempermed
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Clearwater, FL, January 19, 2017: After approximately 27 years of cooperation, the Austrian Semperit Group (“Semperit”) and the Thai Sri Trang-Agro Industry Public Co Ltd Group (“Sri Trang”) have agreed on the termination of almost all joint business activities. A corresponding agreement was been signed yesterday.

This agreement provides for a takeover of the joint distribution company in the USA (Sempermed USA) by Semperit. In addition, Semperit will take over the previous Sempermed joint venture companies in Singapore, China and Brazil as well as the majority interest in the Malaysian Formtech (producer of ceramic molds for the glove production). The Sempermed brands will continue to be owned solely by Semperit.

Sri Trang will take over the glove production of Siam Sempermed Corporation Ltd (SSC) in Thailand, which has been operated jointly to date.

Semperit: full focus on its own growth
Semperit CEO Thomas Fahnemann: “The present agreement is fair for both parties. After the settlement of the legal disputes, we can fully focus on the development of our own business. We will continue our growth path in both the Industrial and Medical Sectors with full power. With the cash inflow, we will continue to strengthen our capital basis and to advance our investments.”

Closing expected for March 2017
The transaction is subject to the approval of the Supervisory Board of Semperit, a corresponding resolution passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Sri Trang as well as closing conditions. The closing of the transaction is expected for March 2017.

In case of a successful closing, all pending arbitration and civil proceedings between the Semperit Group on the one hand and the Sri Trang Group and SSC on the other hand will be settled by mutual consent. Common break-up fees were agreed in case of failure.

Sempermed: strong brand and modern production
Even after the separation, Semperit remains one of the top ten players in the global market for examination and protective gloves with the Sempermed segment. Sempermed is one of the leading global glove brands and has excellent market access through its dense distribution network in Europe and North America. This access to the market will be strengthened by the full takeover of Sempermed USA.

On the production side, Semperit operates factories in Austria (surgical gloves) and Malaysia, the world’s largest glove producer. Currently, the capacities in Malaysia are further increased with one of the most modern and efficient production facilities of the glove industry. At the end of 2017, the capacities will be around 10 billion units.

Sempermed will continue to focus on the core markets Europe and North America as well as selected markets in Asia (Japan and South Korea).

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