November 20, 2017
Product Retirement - BTVA
Effective immediately, Sempermed USA will be retiring our Best Touch® Vinyl powder-free exam gloves (reorder numbers BTVA101 – BTVA105). This decision was brought on by decreased nationwide demand.

Best Touch® Vinyl orders will continue to be filled until the present inventory is depleted. While this product will no longer be stocked domestically, it is still available for purchase via drop-ship containers as either a private label or as a Sempermed brand.

Due to the retirement of Best Touch® Vinyl, please be advised that returns for this product will not be accepted.

For further assistance, direction on comparable replacements, or current product availability, please contact your local Sempermed representative. Depending on clinical preference and need, there are three aloe-coated gloves brands and multiple vinyl options still available.

At Sempermed USA, we care about your comfort and protection, always. It is the driving force behind what we do. The gloves we manufacturer are disposable; the people we protect are not. TM