May 14, 2018
Fentanyl Testing Success
Great news, SemperCrew. We have received fentanyl test results for five Sempermed glove brands: TenderTouch®, SemperForce®, SemperCare® Nitrile, StarMed® Ultra Nitrile and SemperShield® Nitrile. There was no permeation over the duration of the test period (240 minutes) for any of the gloves. You can now recommend these gloves for use in situations where fentanyl exposure could occur.

Fentanyl is the most potent opioid available for medical treatments. It is utilized as a surgical anesthetic or a narcotic for chronic, severe cancer pain. It is a Class II “Incapacitating Agent” per the CDC and is 8000% more potent than morphine. However, recreational fentanyl is being illegally produced and sold as heroin.

Fentanyl can be absorbed through the skin with effects ranging from disorientation, coughing, sedation, respiratory distress or even cardiac arrest occurring within seconds of contact. The DEA has deemed fentanyl an “unprecedented threat” and this drug is a concern for accidental exposure within EMS, police, and emergency room environments. These risk factors emphasize the importance of offering gloves that have been tested for fentanyl permeation.

As additional SUSA brands are sent for permeation testing the Sempermed marketing team will inform the organization.